MATIR MOINA (The Clay Bird)
  98 minutes, 35mm color, 2002
  Directed by Tareque Masud
  Produced by Catherine Masud
  Screenplay: Tareque & Catherine Masud
  An Audiovision/MK2 production
  2002 Cannes Film Festival, FIPRESCI International Critics' Prize for Best Film
2002 Edinburgh International Film Festival
2002 Montreal International Film Festival
2002 Marrakech Film Festival (Morocco), Best Screen Play Award
2002 Cairo International Film Festival
2003 Palm Springs International Film Festival
2003 New Directors/New Films Festival
2003 Karafilm Festival, Best Film

DVD RELEASED in Bangladesh

On April 16th, 2005, the DVD of Matir Moina was officially launched and is now available in stores and markets throughout the country. This DVD is the first interactive DVD to be produced in Bangladesh. In addition to the film itself, almost two hours of additional features are included which can be accessed through an interactive menu system. These special features include a revealing behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of Matir Moina, interviews with cast and crew members, audience reactions, selected songs, and major reviews and writings on the film. Noted distributor of the country LASER VISION is distributing the DVD and VCD in Bangladesh.

Other DVD releases:

- North America: Milestone Films, the North American distributor of the film, plans to bring out the film on DVD in at the end of 2005. Check Milestone's website www.milestonefilms.com for release news.

- France: MK2, the French distributor and world sales agent for the film has already released the DVD of the film ((only compatible for Region 2). For sales information, search the film's French title "L'Oiseau d'argile" at www.google.fr

UK Television Broadcast - Channel 4 Television has bought the broadcast rights for the film from UK distributor ICA. The film is expected to be aired in July of 2005. This will be the first time any film from Bangladesh has been shown on Channel 4, the premiere broadcast outlet for cinema in the UK.

NORTH AMERICAN RELEASE - Launched by Milestone Films on April 30th 2004    US/Canada Theatre bookings>>


The North American release of "Matir Moina" was launched by US distributor Milestone on April 30th, 2004. Initial theatrical releases were in New York and the San Francisco Bay area. Over the next 6 months, the film will continue to play in cities throughout the US and English Canada. Already a number of venues with dates have been confirmed.

US release: links & reviews:

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UK inquries: Contact ICA - www.ica.uk.org. The filmmakers do not have any jurisdiction over how, where and when the film is shown in the US and UK since rights all are owned by Milestone and ICA respectively. UK & US distributor contact info>>

August 14th 2003: MATIR MOINA completes record 4-week run at Balaka


"Matir Moina" completed a 4-week run to full house audiences at Balaka Cinema Hall in Dhaka August 14th. The 4th and final week saw history-making attendance levels at Balaka, which is one of the most well-known and well-equipped cinema halls in the city. This is the film's second release in Dhaka after the initial October 2002 release at Modhumita Cinema Hall. A nation-wide release is planned for December.

July 4th 2003: UK Theatrical Release     Peter Bradshaw's Guardian Review >>


"Matir Moina" has been successfully released in the UK, the first time any film from Bangladesh has had a mainstream theatrical UK release. Renowned UK distributor ICA is handling the distribution. The film has been running daily since its opening on July 4th at the ICA Cinema on The Mall (Box Office: 020-7930-3647), the Barbican (until July 17, Box Office: 020 7638 8891) and the Genesis Theatre at Mile End (Box Office: 020-7780-2000). From August, the film will begin running at selected theatres throughout the UK. Further information about future screening venues in the UK can be obtained by contacting ICA directly.

April 2003: Screening organized by MOMA and the Lincoln Center in New York     Elvis Mitchell's New York Times Review >>


"Matir Moina" has been honored with selection in the New Directors/New Films festival jointly organized by the Museum of Modern Art and the Film Society of the Lincoln Center. Screenings will be held on April 5th at 9 PM and April 6th at 12 noon at MOMA's Gramercy Theater on 23rd Street & Lexington in Manhattan. A press screening will also be held on March 24th.

February 2003: Special Screening in Toronto     Audience comments >>


Organized by Toronto International Film Festival: “Matir Moina” will be shown on February 9th in Toronto as part of TIFF’s prestigious Talk Cinema series. Tareque Masud to attend.

November 2002: "Matir Moina" Becomes First Ever Bangladesh Film to compete in Academy Awards     Official Press Statement >>


An official committee created for the selection of the best Bangladeshi film of the year has chosen "Matir Moina" to represent the country in the competition for the Best Foreign Language Film of the Oscars. The committee, brought together under the leadership of the Bangladesh Federation of Film Societies, was comprised of representatives from the country's cine-culture and film industry. Committee members explained that the decision to select "Matir Moina" as the best film of the year was made on the basis of the film's artistic merit and technical quality, adding that it has met the primary requirement of a minimum 7-day consecutive run at a commercial cinema hall in the country of origin between November 1st, 2001 and October 31st, 2002.

September 2002: Best Screen Play Award Winner - Marrakech Film Festival (Morocco)     More on this award >>
Tareque & Catherine Masud right after receiving award at Marrakech Film Festival
  Comments from the International Press/

"This accomplished, emotionally involving film-an intimately observed story of divisions within a family that reflect the wider clash between moderate and extremist views-will have universal resonance as it echoes other secular and political conflicts throughout the world." David Rooney - Variety

"Easily one of the finest pictures of this year or any other. Masud's expansive fluidity is rapturous, inspired equally by the floating equanimity of Satyajit Ray and the work of the Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami."- Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times

"A hymn to tolerance, against all religious and political dogmatisms, this autobiographical first film, presented at the opening of the Directors' Fortnight, is a symphony of color and music. A must see." - Agence France Presse

"The plot is timely, as critics around the world denounce madrasas as the breeding grounds for Afghanistan's hardline Taliban regime and Pakistani extremists."
- ABC News (Australia)

"Quietly superb filmmaking a valuable and independent engagement with Muslim history, a nuanced riposte to both religious dogmatism and Western Islamophobia. It is one of the films of the year." Peter Bradshaw -The Guardian (UK)

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Set against the backdrop of the turbulent period in the late 60's leading up to Bangladesh's independence from Pakistan, MATIR MOINA MOINA (The Clay Bird) tells the story of a family torn apart by religion and war. A young boy, Anu, is sent off to a strict Islamic school, or madrasa, by his deeply religious father Kazi.

As the political divisions in the country intensify, an increasing split develops between moderate and extremist forces within the madrasa, mirroring a growing divide between the stubborn but confused Kazi and his increasingly independent wife. Touching upon themes of religious tolerance, cultural diversity, and the complexity of Islam, MATIR MOINA has universal relevance in a crisis-ridden world.

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